It’s Easy to Play Dirty Bomb

1400869539-dirty-bomb-key-art-finalMost gamers will make a thorough online search before setting for one game or another. They will look at reviews, try demo versions, talk with other gamers on game platforms and so on.

However, Dirty Bomb was recently launched and in a short period of time it reached more than 10,000 users at any given time, from all over the world. Do you want to know why? Well, the answer is pretty simple – it is a wonderful and addictive game that offers many possibilities now and it’s also easy to play.

You’ll find many reasons to play this game, and you will also find Dirty Bomb Hacks that will help you in your adventure.

It’s Free Access

9444_m_w_300pngThis is a game that doesn’t require you to buy it – yet – as this is still a beta version. However, even if the game is free, some features will cost you some money. For example, if you want to use the same character over and over again, even if the character dies – you will have to pay some money. To afford it, you’ll have to play abut 200 games until you reach the needed credit to do it.

It Has More Characters

You will be able to choose 3 characters once you start the game. Every time you die, you will also change the character. The fun thing is that each character has its own ability that helps you in different moments. It’s a good way to start with a great team of three carefully chosen characters, which will let you win your fights easier. There are 12 characters that are available every time you start, so you have more options. With good characters, all you have to do is choose the right ones and you won’t have to talk too much with the rest of your team.

The Cases

As in different other shooters, this game also has cases that you can find. Usually, the game delivers them randomly about every half of hour, so pay attention to them. If you have enough currency in the game, you can also buy the cases that you need. Sometimes, there will be also rare items that are appropriate for the character you are playing with. You’ll have access to different weapons or boosts, like moving a little faster or the possibility to reload your weapon just a little faster than your enemies. For the cases that you can buy – those are mostly aesthetic, as it’s considered that it’s not playing for winning, so be careful with spending money on those, even if they offer you different booster for a short Vassiliperiod of time.

Two Modes

For those who haven’t tried it out until now, this game comes in two modes. One is ‘Objective’ and the other one is ‘Stopwatch’. The second mode is almost identical to the first mode, but the teams that take part in the game have to complete all the given tasks as fast as they can. It’s a great shooter game, that is available for teams, and you can play it any time that you want, no matter where you are, in one of the two modes that are available right now.

The Hacks

As wonderful things happen in the online environment, there have appeared also hacks for this game. This is a way that allows more and more players to enjoy this wonderful game. Usually, the hacks are not detected and you will be able to enjoy more features of the game. With these you will unlock characters, DLC, weapons and everything that you need. What you’ll need to do is simply register and download the package that is offered. Now, all you have to do is enjoy the game!